Special training for the defensive and tactics instructors from the san diego harbor police. C.O.P.S (close operation protection system) is a special program from me which is aligned to the needs of police units.

Here is a testimonial from Officer Mike Bishop:
I recently had the pleasure of training with Michael Ruppel in his law enforcement program, C.O.P.S. Mr. Ruppel came to my agency and provided training in a wide variety of Arrest & Control techniques, Firearm Retention & Take-Aways, Edge Weapon Survival and Confined Space Tactics and Techniques. I have trained in a wide variety of different defensive tactics programs and would say that Mr. Ruppel and his C.O.P.S. program would be at the top of the list. Mr. Ruppel has taken the time to separate techniques techniques and tactics that really work in the real world situation from most of the techniques that are taught that would never work against a resisting subject. Due to the time constraints in training our officers, this will help us train them in techniques and tactics that will really help them in the street in the shortest possible time. If you are a trainer, police officer or armed professional you need to train in the C.O.P.S. program.
Officer Mike Bishop
Lead Defensive Tactics and Firearms Instructor
San Diego Harbor Police Department