In July 2011 I gave a special gun disarming seminar in the Lotar – IDF Counter Terror School in Israel. The techniques about disarming are shown once for civilians and once for persons from police and security. The DVD shows the whole complex of themes about gun-disarming, from a to z. Function of a gun, most important principles of disarming, possibilities of grip for disarming, exercises for training the safe grasp to the gun, prevent that the attacker draws his gun, firearm threat in the lower area of the body, firearm threat in the upper body, special techniques for special situations, firearm threat on one knees, firearm threat on the ground, techniques for disarming in hostage-situations, encroachments in busses with firearm threat etc, firearm threat inside and outside a car, special techniques for armed people for protect themselves against snatching the weapon.

This is the most comprehensive DVD about Krav Maga gun-disarming that is in trade until now.
More than 90 minutes Krav Maga Gun Disarming.
The DVD costs 29.90 Euro.
The DVD is available in English.

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