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Krav Maga Street Defence

Krav Maga Street Defence is an advancement of the official self-defence-system and was founded in 1999 by Michael Rüppel.

Today the system Krav Maga Street Defence and in particularly Michael Rüppel, is worldwide a household name for quality in Krav Maga.
Currently there are 25 Krav Maga Street Defence schools worldwide, including Germany, Netherlands, France, Slovakia, America, Panama and Ecuador.

It is modern and highly efficient.
We follow the priority: quality instead of quantity.
Like everything in life, also Krav Maga continuously develops further.
We follow the concept of offering qualified and modern Krav Maga which we are constantly improving. Therefore, it is very important for us to keep up with the times and with an everchanging surrounding.

We are constantly exchanging informations with Israel and stretch the importance of mutural visits and training camp attendance. We share skills and new techniques with people belonging to the military as well as to the police and special task forces.

That is why we fullfill the highest requirements on quality assurance on a long-term perspective.
We are one of the very few Krav Maga organisations worldwide who supervises seminars on Krav Maga even in Israel, e.g. the Lotar Counter Terror Academy in Israel.
Many people just talk – we are doing it!
Krav Maga Street Defence is the optimal kind of self defence, because it doesn´t see itself as martial art, but as a highly efficient system for averting a danger.

Training on Krav Maga Street Defence means:
A weekly training where you can test your limits within a great companionship. A weekly training full of challanges and personal sucesses.

It means:
To continously get better in learning a self-defending fighting system and to gain experience in danger prevention and danger defence.
targeted training in psychological behaviour patterns and highly effective self-defending techniques
awareness raising concerning the right behaviour in case you have to face violent influences in your daily life
Krav Maga Street Defence can be learned at any age. Different fitness levels are welcome to the classes, because each participant will start the training on their individual level.
Thereby is achieved that even advanced techniques are customized for a wide public.
Krav Maga is simple and can be learned easily. It is particularly suitable for hard working people who have a good awareness of their own safety and who enjoy a good workout.
In the end, we can all become victims of an aggressive attack…

Michael Rüppel
Founder of Krav Maga Street Defence


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